Video Assessment

Have your film evaluated by our incredible staff of professional players and coaches.

The AthleteDrive Film Assessment Process

  • Grab Film of your Game, Practice, or Training Session(s). Live Game Film, Highlights, & Drills are all acceptable forms of Video.
  • Select Your Coach from our incredible staff of experienced players and leaders.

Now that your coach has your Film, Here is what happens next!

  • Your Coach will evaluate your Film, and Deliver Custom Feedback and Analysis for you! This will include Custom Position Skill Ratings, Personal Feedback & Analysis, Development & Training Advice, Drill Recommendations & Explanations, and a Last Word to inspire you to push forward in your training!
  • You will then automatically receive your Custom Analysis Package from your Coach.

Athlete Drive provides high level coaching, training and instant access to the some of the best coaches and players in the sport, to help you get to where YOU want to go. Take advantage, and #DriveForward

Click here to Check out our Elite Staff and Select a Coach to Review your Film.


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