For the Players

AthleteDrive: Advantages for Players!

AthleteDrive is the best way for players to get direct access with current Professional coaches and players.

Interaction with your Favorite Professional Athletes

  • Learn from the best at your Position

Customized, Personal Feedback on your game.

  • Positives: What your game brings to the table.
  • Improvement: What can I do to develop my game?
  • High-level expertise: Learn from the best.
  • Develop your IQ and see the game from a next level perspective.

Development Programs & Training Regiments

  • Development Programs {Drills, Training Programs, Strength & Conditioning}
  • Drill Videos, Technique Insight, Position-Specific On & Off-Field Programs
  • Phone & Video Conferences
  • Relationship/re-engagement with your professional coach.

Recruiting Tools: Use your Review to buffer your Recruiting Profile.

  • Package with your NCAA Recruiting submission.

Next-Level Training

  • Coaches want to advance what they do from video sharing and storage into deeper analysis to get more precision and finite information. Performing video analysis isn’t a big burden from a time investment perspective, but it obviously requires some extra work. What you spend on the video side pays off in a big return with regard to development time. Most investments in training, though necessary, have little payoff, meaning you can spend years to drop tenths of seconds, but when teaching with video you may actually get a faster return.

For more scientific & related material, please consider reading this recent article about coaching and film study. Here is the Link: Why Video is One of the Most Important Tools

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