Frequently Asked Questions

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What is a ProValuator?

Our staff is comprised of driven, successful professional athletes & coaches who want to serve the younger generation through education, mentorship, and training opportunities. Our staff is built of the top professional lacrosse players and coaches in the world.

How do I know my evaluation is coming from a real professional player or coach?

Our relationships are developed with our professional athletes, who are all driven and motivated to coach inspired lacrosse players.

To ensure reliability, we will list the e-mail information to your Coach with your registered service. We also ask our coaches to provide you with a custom, personalized message along with your evaluations. All other services such as consulting & mentorship: You will speak with your coach one on one!

Our goal is to help develop long-standing relationships between players and our coaches. The validity of our service is our strongest quality!

How does pricing work?

All of our Coaches have been given the option to set their own prices based on the amount of players they can handle at one time.

Basic video review packages are generally less than $100. This includes a full-film review, descriptive feedback, and much more.

Premium packages include video and screen-share mentoring and follow-ups, consulting programs, mentorship programs, 30-60 minute consultation video conferences.

Each coach is different in the services that they provide. To find out more about our Services: Click Here

How can I use the feedback to improve?

Be open and willing to receive feedback on your game. Your coaches will provide a comprehensive evaluation based on your film submission. Along with your evaluation, coaches will provide you with position-specific training advice, developmental insight, and more.

Incorporate drill ideas, IQ points, and motivation to fuel your personal practice.

Film study is a great tool to further your technique.

Develop a relationship with your coach by setting up a 30-minute consultation to review film, talk about development plans, and set yourself up for future success.

How should I choose my coach?

We offer professional coaches from all positions. If you have any issues, we provide FREE Consultation.

Choose based on player style, price, and the type of film you can provide.

Our Coaches range from a multitude of successful experience, you can always feel free to reach out to us for a free consultation.

Can I watch my film with my Coach?

We provide opportunities for 30-60 minute consulting sessions through Screen Sharing platforms such as Scheduling is provided by Calendly.

You can have the opportunity to work through your film with your coach and have play-by-play analysis of your game in real time.

Can I use my feedback to get Recruited?

College coaches value the opinion of players and coaches at the highest level.

You can use your feedback form as a part of your recruiting portfolio.

This tool can certainly help you differentiate yourself from your peers!

[AthleteDrive is not a recruiting service.]

Can I provide feedback on my Coach?

Accountability is a major pillar to the success of our coach-player relationships.

After your review, you will have the opportunity to rate and provide feedback on your Coach.

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