Gussie Johns


Position: Goaltender
Team: Philadelphia Fire (WPLL)
Coach: Georgetown University
College: University of Southern California

Gussie Johns is one of the all-time greatest women’s collegiate lacrosse goalies. Gussie was a highly-touted recruit coming out of highschool, where she went on to excel during her collegiate career at the University of Southern California. Gussie was a multiple All-American at USC, and brought the women’s program to national prominence.

Gussie plays professional lacrosse in the WPLL and won a Gold Medal with the Women’s USA Team.

Girls goalies of all ages can benefit from their connection to Gussie. She provides video analysis, drills, and can provide consultation with her clients over the phone or video conferencing.



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Video Analysis from Gussie Johns, Gussie Johns's Goalie Drills, Video or Phone Chat with Gussie!


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