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Callum Robinson is an Australia-native turned professional lacrosse phenom. After starring at Stevenson University and winning multiple National Championship, Callum has gone on to dominate the outdoor professional game. Callum is known for his strength, and ability to overwhelm attackman with his physicality. Callum currently tours the country with Defensive Academy, offering clinics and defensive speciality camps for young players. Learn about how to win 1v1 matchups, leadership skills, and defensive shooting.

Position: Defense, LSM
MLL: Atlanta Blaze
College: Stevenson
International: Australia National Team

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25th Overall Selection in the 2015 MLL Draft
Colorado Mammoth, Atlanta Blaze and PLL Starting Defensemen
2014 and 2018 Australian Men’s Lacrosse Team Member
2013 NCAA National Champion
3x All-American Defenseman
3x First Team All MAAC Conference
MAAC Conference Player of the Year
MAAC Scholar Athlete of the Year
Stevenson University Team Captain and Team MVP

What is unique about your game that you take pride in?
I pride myself on being an aggressive defender that dictates his matchups anywhere on the field and is an offensive threat when transitioning the ball into offense.

What is your favorite lacrosse moment?
There’s absolutely no better feeling than winning a championship with your teammates and brothers so my 2013 NCAA National Championship is certainly my most memorable lacrosse moment to date.

What makes lacrosse a special game?
The opportunities that lacrosse provides are what makes the sport so special for me. The opportunity to befriend and network with gifted and selfless people, the opportunity to travel and compete, the opportunity to form life long friendships and relationships. Opportunities of all shapes and sizes are what makes lacrosse so incredibly special!

How would you define your coaching style?
Very transparent and concise. My coaching style is a perfect balance between fun and challenging.

What motivates you to coach young players?
Growing up in Australia and playing all my youth lacrosse in my home city of Perth I remember the influence that good, meaningful lacrosse coaching had on my development as a player. I’m motivated to ‘pass it forward’ and share my passion for the sport with the next generation of players.

What do you like to pass on to young players?
Great lacrosse fundamentals and as many defensive tools as any young player can adopt and utilize to separate themselves from their competitors.

What impact has film had on your career as a player?
Film has had an enormous impact on my career. Having the tools to study and digest my own performance, evaluate my technique and playing style, as well as scout opponents has allowed me to succeed at the highest level. There is no substitute to being able to consume and dissect lacrosse film and content.

What was the greatest advice you ever got from a coach?
I remember one of my youth coaches telling me that lacrosse is very much like a relationship – the more you give of yourself to the sport the more the sport will give back to you in return!

What are things that you look for on film reviews?
I look for honest feedback! The idea of a film review is to make the player better; constructive criticism as well as positive reinforcement is essential for player development to highlight what was done well and what could be executed better.

Who had the greatest impact on you as a player?
A very close friend and mentor of mine, Adam Sear, has had the greatest impact on me as a player. He gave me my first opportunity to play lacrosse in America and continues to be a vital resource that I utilize as much as possible for my personal development.

Why did you join Athlete Drive?
I feel obligated to pass on the exceptional coaching I was exposed to as a youth player and the coaching that drove me to where I am currently in my career.

What do you believe is the greatest benefit for a young player utilizing Athlete Drive?
The resource of having the best players/coaches at your fingertips at anytime, and the convenience of an online system that allows you to connect with these players/coaches regardless of your location.

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