AthleteDrive Interview: Redwood’s Matt Kavanagh

Matt Kavanagh is coming off yet another Championship run in Professional Lacrosse with the PLL Redwoods. Matt is a perennial pro All-Star, but perhaps his greatest attribute is that he consistently leads his teams to Championship caliber seasons. We interviewed the now veteran professional Premier Lacrosse League on his career, lacrosse, coaching, and the impact of video analysis on his lacrosse development.



Matt Kavanagh

College Program
Notre Dame
Most Meaningful Accolades
4x All American
Professional Lacrosse: Experience & Affiliation
PLL Redwoods, Team USA
Most Meaningful Pro Accolades
PLL All-Star, Redwoods Championship Run
What is unique about your game that you take pride in?
My motor both with and without the Ball in my Stick.
What is your favorite lacrosse moment?
Scoring a game winning goal to go to the Final Four.
What makes lacrosse a special game?
The ability to express your passion and creativity on the field.
How would you define your coaching style?
What motivates you to coach young players?
To be able to have even a small impact on someone’s development and potential is very rewarding.
What do you like to pass on to young players?
My passion for the Game.
What impact has film had on your career as a player?
It has allowed me to assess the flaws and weaknesses in my own game and turn them in to strengths. Identifying patterns my teammates make on the field helps me adjust quickly and instinctually to their tendencies.
What was the greatest advice you ever got from a coach?
“Learn to love the process.”
Who had the greatest impact on you as a player?
Coach Robert Pomponio– Chaminade JV.
Why did you join Athlete Drive? 
To help young athletes reach their potential. Film Analysis is the foundation to becoming a great player.
What do you believe is the greatest benefit for a young player utilizing Athlete Drive?
Getting firsthand feedback from some of the top players in the world!



Find out how you can learn from PLL’s Matt Kavanagh by checking out his Coaching Page HERE.
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