Athlete Drive Interview: PLL Athlete Justin Guterding

Athlete Drive Interview: PLL & STX Athlete Justin Guterding

Justin Guterding is coming off one of the most prolific careers in Duke Lacrosse history. We interviewed the now second-year professional Premier Lacrosse League & STX Athlete on his career, lacrosse, coaching, and the impact of video analysis on his lacrosse development.


Justin Guterding
College Program
Duke University
Most Meaningful Accolades
3x All American, 3x All ACC, ACC Player of the Year, Tewaaraton finalist
Professional Lacrosse: Experience & Affiliation
PLL Chrome
Most Meaningful Pro Accolades
PLL All Star
What is unique about your game that you take pride in?
What is your favorite lacrosse moment?
Final four weekend senior year
What makes lacrosse a special game?
The brotherhood
Coaching: Experience & Affiliation
Team Igloo 2025, Storm lacrosse on Long Island.
How would you define your coaching style?
What motivates you to coach young players?
Growing the game
What do you like to pass on to young players?
The ability to enjoy the game
What impact has film had on your career as a player?
I can read defenses inside and out, knowing what they are going to do before they do it.
What was the greatest advice you ever got from a coach?
You can’t do anything without your teammates
What are things that you look for on film reviews?
Who had the greatest impact on you as a player?
Matt Danowski
Why did you join Athlete Drive? 
To help young players develop their skill set and passion for the game
What do you believe is the greatest benefit for a young player utilizing Athlete Drive?
Learning from the best players in the world and helping you not only develop, but show you how we watch film and critique ourselves and others
Find out how you can learn from Justin Guterding HERE.
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