The Penalty Kill: Dominating in Man Down Scenarios

Tenants of Penalty Kill

  • Take away the Knowns
    • Areas of the Field: Bases, Crease
    • Personnel: Shooters, Inside Finishers, Strong Hands
  • Dictate the Situation
    • Understand the Knowns
    • Identify Personnel, Strengths, Objectives of the Man-Up (i.e. 1 Player with 90% of Goals)
  • Communicate: Got ‘2’
    • Allow us to Play 4v4 when Communicated, Matched up Ball-Side
    • The Best ManDown Players Cover 2 at Once
  • Contest Everything
    • Down a Man, Effort must account for Extra Player
  • Play through the PK Stop: +6 Seconds
    • Finish the Man-Down/PK for an Extra 6 Seconds
    • Cover up Quick when we Reset to 6v6
    • Dead-Ball: WIN THE WHISTLE
  • Best Player is the Goalie
    • Force Shots we can handle in the Cage
      • 15 Yard CONTESTED Shots
    • Use your Instinct, Trust your Gut
      • TRUST IT




  • Broken Down, Crouched, Stick Out: HEAD OF Stick/Top-Side
  • Approach, Stick Out, Turnà Stick into the Lane. Limit Extra Steps.


  • Talk to Teammate In-Front & Behind you: Push & Pull on a Rope

Pressure on Corners

  • Enough to Play & Stop the Ball
  • Aware of Over-Extension on Ball Movement
  • Save Energy, Save Space on Non-Threat Passers: Read Body Language

Stick Action: Sticks up: Build a Forest

  • Above a 45 Degree Angle Above your Shoulder
  • Match Sticks: ex) Scrape Stick into ThrowBack Lane

“I’ve got 2, Split 2”: In certain scenarios, you can dictate where the Ball Goes

  • If choosing between Low & High, Take away the Knowns (Low/Base) and Funnel Pass to Higher Player.


Roll-off Throwback to X: Stay at GLE

Carry from Behind: Who stops th Ball?

  • Original Ball Stopper Carry with Across Front of Cage or Behind Pressure

Passer from Behind, at X: Why do we play and Pressure the Ball Behind?

  • Limit 2 Guys Playing 1 Behind the Goal
  • Gives us Direction and Flow of our Defense behind the Ball-Stopper
  • When Scouting: When we know Direction they want to Go with the Ball from X, we will push them away from that Direction.

2-Men Behind

  • Sit on the Pipes, Let them Throw Back and Forth
  • OPTION: Could JUMP/RAPTOR on 2-men Behind Throwback

“Don’t Be a Robot”: Read the Situation, Understand Tendencies of Opponent, React and Move Quickly as a Unit

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