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AthleteDrive is an online platform designed to connect inspired athletes to the game’s top professional players and coaches.

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The Process is Simple: Upload Film, Choose your Coach, and Receive Custom Feedback, Advanced Assessment, and Training Recommendations from Professional Players and Coaches.

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Athlete Drive provides high level Online Coaching, Training Tips, and Instant Access to the the BEST coaches and players in Lacrosse.

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The Goalie Approach: Defending the Dive

Over the past half-decade, The quintessential conversation in the lacrosse world has centered on a forbidden fruit of the attack game: The Dive. The Dive is the ability of an attacking offensive player to launch his body towards the interior of the crease area to create a scoring opportunity. Controversy ensues, and high-profile games are […]

AthleteDrive Interview: Redwood’s Matt Kavanagh

Matt Kavanagh is coming off yet another Championship run in Professional Lacrosse with the PLL Redwoods. Matt is a perennial pro All-Star, but perhaps his greatest attribute is that he consistently leads his teams to Championship caliber seasons. We interviewed the now veteran professional Premier Lacrosse League on his career, lacrosse, coaching, and the impact […]

The Spirit of The Game: The Power of Momentum Plays

Lacrosse is a ‘Game of Runs.’ A sport that provides more scoring opportunities than any other sport other than Basketball, the stock chart of score changes in any game exhibits one of the most intriguing sports phenomenon on the planet: Momentum. Momentum can be created with a string of goals, while stalwarting your opponent and […]