About Us

AthleteDrive is an online platform for players and coaches to connect and learn about lacrosse. We hope to create a way for young aspiring players to learn from top professional players and coaches from anywhere in the world. Utilizing the power of connection, we believe that players can expand their game by exploring a new way to improve through film analysis, new drills, and ideas on how to become a better player.

As Professional Athletes and Coaches, we aspire to motivate the next generation of young lacrosse players.

Our mission is to incorporate our experience, both on and off the field, to develop the next generation of great lacrosse players and athletes. We inspire eager and driven players who have a hunger for the tangible and intangible skills that can make them a great asset for their team and community.

Our interactions on the field are fantastic, but we are striving to connect with more players in a more cost-efficient and technologically-driven route. We love having players cross the country to attend camps, and we hope that we can find a way to interact with players and coaches across the country to pass along our craft and mission to whom is open to learning.

We will be exploring a new mode of coaching in order to do fulfill this goal. We are happy to open our inboxes to review highlight & game films of aspiring players who hope to gain our insight on drills, tips, and techniques for improving their game. This is what we love to do, and we hope to continue to develop our platform!

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