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AthleteDrive is an online platform designed to provide advanced, customized feedback & analysis from professional players and top coaches.

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The Process is Simple: Upload Film, Choose your Coach, and Receive Custom Feedback, Advanced Assessment, and Training Recommendations from Professional Players and Coaches.

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Athlete Drive provides high level Coaching, Training Tips, and Instant Access to the the BEST coaches and players in Lacrosse.

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The Goalie Approach: How to Defend the Dive

Over the past half-decade, The quintessential conversation in the lacrosse world has centered on a forbidden fruit of the attack game: The Dive. The Dive is the ability of an attacking offensive player to launch his body towards the interior of the crease area to create a scoring opportunity. Controversy ensues, and high-profile games are […]

The Penalty Kill: Dominating in Man Down Scenarios

Tenants of Penalty Kill Take away the Knowns Areas of the Field: Bases, Crease Personnel: Shooters, Inside Finishers, Strong Hands Dictate the Situation Understand the Knowns Identify Personnel, Strengths, Objectives of the Man-Up (i.e. 1 Player with 90% of Goals) Communicate: Got ‘2’ Allow us to Play 4v4 when Communicated, Matched up Ball-Side The Best […]

Lacrosse Goaltender Fundamentals

Goaltending in lacrosse assumes its position as one of the most fickle beasts in all of sports. A position dominated by the athletic and physical skills of explosiveness, balance, coordination…the goalie must balance his inner game through the development of emotional regulation, spiritual growth, and mental endurance. The goaltender can come in various shapes and […]

Invisible Plays, Part II: Defense

My goal in writing about ‘Invisible Plays’ is to describe instances in the sport of lacrosse that I find fascinating – but even more so, plays that I truly believe can tilt the balance and effectively change the way we view performance on the field. I have always felt that there are valiant plays that […]

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